GH, 2023


Inspired by the new Barbie movie and related styles that have emerged, we've created our own Barbie inspired room interior- featuring bold seating and objects from our prop and furniture hire collections.


Taking pride of place, our Large wide blush pink boucle modular sofa epitomises Barbiecore and Maximalist styles.








Here, our modern bubblegum pink rectangular dining table is the perfect surface for barbie inspired smalls!






Taking inspiration from the late 50's and early 60's décor- a time when Barbie was first popularised- Production designer Sarah Greenwood and Set decorator Katie Spencer create a vivid world full of kitsch and colour, bringing us right back to our childhood.⁠




Director, Greta Gerwig declared that 'Pink became the thesis!' in the making of the film. ⁠Showcasing the whole spectrum of pink was the aim, with the production causing a rumoured worldwide shortage of pink paint!⁠


Her decision to create large physical sets instead of relying on CGI- in order evoke a much more authentic setting- ensured everything was toy-like and 'tactile'- and we certainly approve!⁠


We especially love the lusciously painted backgrounds- reminiscent of hand-painted scenery from classic cinema.⁠


“To my mind, we were creating a toy. A toy is tactile, A toy is real. Everybody knows what’s CGI. Your sixth sense will tell you—even children will know. So… it just gave everybody the belief that you are in the toy box, you are in there, you are a toy.” Spencer told Vogue.


Barbie-fever is also finding it way into home interiors- with 'Barbie-core' and maximalist elements gaining popularity- from the subtle to the more overt! ⁠


Barbie (2023)


Directed by Greta Gerwig

Production Design by Sarah Greenwood

Set Decoration by Katie Spencer

Image Source: IMDB


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