Rattan Riviera



Introducing our new collection: Rattan Riviera. Taking inspiration from the French Riviera, the collection includes seating, tables, bars and lighting, all perfect for spring/summer photoshoots and events.

The look feels both contemporary and classic. Iconic designers including Arne Jacobsen, Franco Albini and Nanna Ditzel created stylish sculptural shapes from this sturdy and strong material in the mid-20th century which still feel current and on-trend today.

The Rattan Riviera look transforms when styled with gold and brass into something very glamorous. It also pairs perfectly with plants for a tropical bohemian look.

Why do we love rattan? It is a naturally beautiful and sustainable material.

  •  Renewable: Rattan regenerates in just 5-7 years; it is the second fastest growing material for furniture production.
  •  Recyclable: It is a natural, biodegradable material but is also very strong and hard-wearing.
  •  Low-Impact Production: It is light-weight and easy to work with; a rattan stem only needs to be steamed for 10-15 minutes before it can be formed.
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