Item Care and Instructions

We maintain the condition of our items to a high quality and ask clients to follow our care instructions below to avoid any additional charges.


  • Art fixings should not be removed or altered. Glass and pictures must not be removed from the frame to avoid a reframing charge. Large art should be handled by two people.
  • Beds are sent dismantled. All parts are listed in the item description.
  • Glass - Furniture with glass surfaces will be packed separately. Please handle with care and do not place any heavy objects on or against the glass.
  • Headboards are not freestanding and must be supported from behind. The headboard cannot be fixed onto a bed or any other surface.
  • Lacquer is sent in heavy duty bubble wrap to protect its gloss finish. Please take extra care to protect the edges and surfaces at all times. We advise lacquer is kept protected until it has been placed in position.
  • Lampshades should be returned boxed as received and not stacked inside one another.
  • Lightbulbs will not be sent with lamps unless specified in the item description.
  • Mirrors – Some wall mirrors cannot be hung and must be leant against a stable surface only. This will be highlighted in the item description.
  • Pendant Lamps are sent without plugs, not PAT tested and will need to be wired on location.
  • Rugs & Upholstery should be protected from heavy items and track to avoid lasting damage to the pile of the fabric. Any damage or dirt which is beyond domestic use will incur a professional cleaning charge. Please do not attempt to clean any marks, our professional cleaner is more likely to successfully remove stains before other chemicals are introduced onto the fabric and therefore may reduce such charges. Instead, please identify the nature of the stain.
  • Velvet & Leather mark very easily. No heavy or sharp items should be rested on or against the fabric. Do not label item surfaces directly with adhesive tape.
  • Wood & painted surfaces – Avoid direct contact with water and hot items. Do not label item surfaces directly with adhesive tape.


Safely Moving Items

  • All items should be lifted and not dragged. Heavy items will require two or more people.
  • Lamps should always be carried by the base and the pole.
  • Upholstered items which can be easily marked (e.g. velvet and leather) should be carried by the base only.
  • Furniture must not be dismantled without prior agreement. Client must ensure that location is accessible before hire.


Assembly Instructions

  • Some items may be sent in parts and will need to be assembled. This may include shelving units, cupboards, beds and divans.
  • All parts will be listed in the item description on your quote and delivery note.
  • Please contact us for any further assembly instructions.


Fragile and Non-Practical Items

  • Some more delicate, vintage items are not for practical use and are props only. This is highlighted in the item description.


Specialized Packaging

  • Art, mattresses, divan legs and some lighting requires specialized packaging. The final page of your Delivery Note will total the quantity used. Please use and return this packaging to avoid a replacement charge.


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