GH, 2023


The new Maximalist collection celebrates this controversial interior design style, which is packed with personality. Our version is playful, dramatic and drenched in colour, but balanced with classic pieces from our back catalogue.


This collection is all about colour! Fun, punchy and fresh - the bold pinks, yellows and teals in our central shot compliment the rich, royal blue of our new vintage paisley woollen tasselled tub armchairs and modern floral embroidered rounded sofa.






Carefully layered pattern, colour and texture is a key element of the Maximalist look. We love the echoed palm tree motifs in this image featuring our new pink floral printed tub armchairs with contrasting fluffy yellow piping.






Blend vibrant block colours with characterful pieces for a more sophisticated and luxurious Maximalist effect. We love our refreshed emerald green velvet high back armchair alongside our original 1970's Italian lacquered burr walnut drinks cabinet and a selection of statement accessories.


Mixing a tonal colour palette with contrasting pattern and texture is a more subtle way to create a Maximalist look. The monochromatic, geometric design of our West African Yoruba hand beaded armchair is complimented here by the glossy, soft pink layers of our Postmodern pink side tables and pink velvet lamp.

No Maximalist collection would be complete without a bed full of layered cushions and patterned textiles! We have a wide selection of softs and characterful accessories in our Smalls Department - make a visit into our London showroom to select and book. 



Add some colour and character to your interior, with our collection of Maximalist inspired objects from our Smalls Department.⁠ Featuring exotic bird figures, tasselled shades and sculptural corolla glass.⁠

Some recent purchases fit perfectly within our new Maximalist collection- including this set of 1940s bridge chairs, that have been refreshed in moss green and lipstick pink velvet, both with contrasting mustard yellow piping.




This Postmodern 1990's flared scallop back sofa with original leopard print velvet fabric. There's nothing shy about this sofa- it's all about making a statement!⁠

Known for their busy interiors, rich colours, luxurious upholstery and love for collecting eclectic objects - you could say the Victorians launched the Maximalist interior trend. 

An influential designer of this period was William Morris, pictured here. Along with several like-minded artists and craftspeople, he campaigned against the poor quality manufacturing prevalent in the Victorian era - and therefore became one of the most significant figures in the arts and crafts movement.


Along with his associates, William Morris established the firm Marshall, Faulkner & Co in 1861 (later Morris & Co) where he designed and manufactured quality tapestries, wallpaper, fabrics, furniture and stained glass windows for Victorian homes.


His intricate, colourful patterns were often inspired by nature and they became highly fashionable and sought after. Above is an example of his 'Strawberry Thief' design, and below a photo of Stanmore Hall - covered in William Morris' wallpaper. 

The Morris & Co brand is now owned by The Sanderson Design Group, who continue to reproduce his designs today - all of which are still perfect for a modern Maximalist interior. 


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