Dua Lipa in Vanity Fair



Dua Lipa stuns in this gorgeous editorial for the June 2021 issue of Vanity Fair, shot by photographer Venetia Scott.

Combinations of midcentury and modern GH furniture pieces with minimal lines and simple elegance have been carefully selected to create a fresh and sophisticated room display.







Set Designer Sean Thomson has chosen several neutral pieces, including our modern woven three seater sofa to compliment the muted tones of Dua Lipa's garments .



The cool muted palette allows metallic props such as our pair of polished brass shell lamps to really pop, conveying a subtle glamour.


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Vanity Fair  (2021)

Photography by Venetia Scott

Set Design by Sean Thomson

Styling by Lorenzo Posocco

Makeup by Lisa Eldridge 

Hair by Luke Hersheson






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