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Last month the GH team were given a special invitation to visit Grima Jewellery’s exhibition of fine jewels in central London, which was decorated with many items from our prop and furniture hire collections.


The renowned jewellery brand Grima- known for its unique and timeless artistry- was first founded by Andrew Grima in the mid 1960’s. Notable for his innovative techniques and sculptural handmade creations; Andrew Grima is recognised as one of the great modernist jewellery designers of the 20th century. The company continues its legacy and exceptional craftmanship under the direction of wife Jojo and daughter Franscesca- since Andrew’s death in 2007.

 Situated in the fashionable Jermyn Street neighborhood just off Green Park; walking into the low lit interior, majestic walls are adorned with original design drawings all intricately rendered in gouache watercolours- showcasing the brand’s immense archive. 







Leading through the double doors, the main event space shown here is where the jewels- all safely encased behind glass cases- can be viewed close up. Here our midcentury shearling three seater sofa is set back in the event hire space with an impressive skylight spilling light through, illuminating the back wall featuring colourful photographs of rare Grima pieces. 



Flanked on both sides, a pair of oatmeal shearling tub armchairs complete an inviting seating area for clients to enjoy, whilst a pair of Miocene petrified wood side tables echo the raw finishes of the jewellery. The choice of soft seating adds a contemporary feel to the traditional interior with contrasting rustic wood paneled flooring.





In the corner, our vintage rosewood desk and set of Danish Dakota style chairs with black leather seats provide an intimate space for clients to take a closer look at the intricate works.


The exhibition trip was incredibly inspiring: the exquisite use of materials, elegant cuts and abstract shapes of the jewellery mirroring the monumental forms of our Brutalist collection. It has been a delight to work with a company with such rich history and elegance!



Credit to Grima Jewellery Limited






2023 Grima Jewellery Limited







The Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi (1904 – 1988) is famous for his delicate ‘Akari’ sculptures (akari meaning light in Japanese). Each piece is constructed from just paper, bamboo, metal and electrics - ‘…encompassing both illumination and weightlessness’* and epitomising luminosity. 











Isamu in his studio.





Isamu championed accessible artwork for everyone and visualised his sculptures being appreciated in the homes of the general public - after all, who doesn't love a bit of mood lighting?











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